Energy savings and Energy saving for Air supply systems

Air-saver device for Air supply energy saving.
Attached please find our VCD Clip from our Customer The Indorama PLC
,Nakornchaisri, Nakornpathom province, Thailand .Our Hypertechnology
The AIR-SAVER device for conversion to all kind and every sizes of
existing Airtraps,Autodrains in this world. Air-saver has no any
moving parts so total free maintenances through 100  years of its
Lifetime by SUS Materials with their high composite material and using
for pressure range from 1-50 Bargs, Temperatures to 1600 C so the
lifetime longer to 100 Years.
Using Airtraps -Autodrains were misunderstanding and loose energy with
high cost maintenances without any Payback turnover.
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